Emerson's House in Brooklyn, NYC, NY!

Emerson's House in Brooklyn, NYC, NY!

VIRTUAL VISITS to PARADISE! Have fun visiting Key Largo and New York City.

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We have Key Largo Florida and Brooklyn New York vacation rentals.
Our Key Largo Florida vacation home rental Haven family include:
On land: Manatee Queen Haven, Sun Bay Haven and Eagle Cove Haven, and
in the water: Silver MOOn Houseboat, Everglades Amor Houseboat and Dej o Mej Sailboat.

We have a 1908 Victorian, Emerson's House, in Brooklyn, New York.
Our three rooms are: Sultan Garden Room, Honey Nest Room and the Golden Roost Room.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A family's opinion: sun bay haven and Everglades amor houseboat

t's hard to know where to start. Giana's descriptions are right on the money. We searched for a new experience and nailed it. Swimming off the boat in the morning with no drive, kayaking to the mangroves easily or a short bike ride to one of Key Largo's beaches are just a few of the perks. We lived like the locals which is what we always strive for now. This beats the hustle an bustle of your typical overpriced dry hotel set-up. 
Giana and Chanock are the perfect hosts. So accommodating! [That's an understatement] We had some great conversations and truly felt like close friends or family. We stayed on the Everglades houseboat and our daughter, son-in-law and 1 year old stayed on land at the Sun Bay Haven [perfect for them]Family from Miami visited easily and we were able to hit Key West or Miami easily by car. 
The houseboats and land lodgings are exquisitely set up and clean with HUGE attention to detail. They are perfect and we look forward to a visit to their Brooklyn site now as well.

Friday, December 27, 2013

What IS the Keys?? & Letter to one of our guests,

The Florida Keys is like no where else in the United States. 
Key Largo, Florida is the largest and the first Key you will encounter when heading South on Route 1.

We have unique weather; although only 20 minutes North to Homestead on the mainland, the weather here is more like the Bahamas.  We are called the American Caribbean for a reason:)

We have walking trails through forest at Dagny Johnson Park, mangrove creeks of the Southern Everglades, the Coral Reefs at John Pennekamp State park, and a few 'beaches' for example.   Our beaches are more like what you might encounter by a lake, some with natural sand like baby powder and some more rocky with sand added. There is a bike trail through most of Key Largo and South.

The flavor, energy and vibe of the area is easy, low-key, open minded and the people know how to have fun in the sun and water.   Just pop to one of the local bars and you'll meet vacationers and locals alike.

I help guests get a sense of what the Keys are about; it can help with planning the number of days, where to go, and what we have to offer.

 Here is one such note to our guest:

A few comments, just as suggestions:)
Arriving at 8PM at Miami airport is a good time.  The the drive is an easy 1 1/2 hr.  drive in the evening.  
During the day, traffic can be bad.
So, if you want to check in that first night, let us know, we welcome you:) 

The Southern Everglades is a 15 minute kayak ride from our properties. ( I can see the mangroves from my window as I write to you)
The  alligator farm, also where you can take an airboat ride into the Everglades is 30 minutes from our properties here in Key Largo. 

If you want to go further west and north, then yes, find a place North of Miami airport before coming to the Keys.  The Everglades is very vast and has many different settings from pine forest to marsh to mangrove creeks.  We have some forest, marsh and mangrove creeks.   6 miles North on Key Largo is Dagny Johnson Botanical Park-a beautiful forest.

Weather wise, at the time you are coming to Florida,  you should not have to worry about getting out to the Coral Reefs. However, I always recommend if this is something you want to do, try to do it first.  
Getting out onto the coral reefs with the fish is pretty special:)  Just keep in mind,  the weather can be a factor.

You will see manatee:) at our place, more in the Fall, Winter and Spring and less in the Summer.  You may need to go for a swim, hang out on the dock or kayak up the canal. Once they know you are there, they will come investigate:)
Regards, Chanoch Shiloh

Just an example to help with your Planning!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Canadian guests in Brooklyn!

Our 9 day stay here was great. Our hosts were welcoming and so helpful. Our twin room in this beautiful heritage home, was comfortable, especially having AC during a few very warm days! The location was also convenient with a 20 minute subway ride on the Q or B line directly to Times Square from the Newkirk Plaza stop in Brooklyn. The neighborhood was safe and quiet. Check out Mama Lucia's Italian restaurant!! Thanks Giana, Chanoch and Luigi (the dog). Perhaps we will see you in Florida!! 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Coming back to Brooklyn to Stay

Being able to stay at the Shiloh’s has always been great.  I’ve been a guest multiple trips and have loved every time- The place is always clean, the beds are great.   This year, they have added very quiet AC/heating units for the room.  The place is big and always has a cool vibe.    This last trip, included sharing a great meal and BBQ in the back yard.

Monday, June 3, 2013

A MAP of our little Key Largo piece of Paradise

This will give you an idea of our places in Key Largo.   It is not completely to scale......it will give you a good idea!

Sweetest little park: Croc Butterfly Park in North Key Largo, Florida

This park is just so sweet;  Yes, it is the size of someone's back yard; however, it is a nice little bicycle  destination, or, on the way back from the upper Dagney State Park hiking trails, and you are not ready to leave the woods.

 The plants are labeled and sculpture is throughout the park.

translated from the German; our guests stayed at the Everglades Amor, "Loveboat" houseboat

The houseboat is a great alternative to the other hotels and motels in Key Largo.

When we arrived everything was ready for us.  Giana and Chanoch know personally, communication via email and phone worked fine too.

 We could use their bicycles and kayaks, had access to the private beach and were able to barbecue on the terrace between boat and house.

We were there in the off season for the month of May. It was very quiet and idyllic, but in the season could possibly be more wrong.

(Giana's note: we live at the end of a dead end quiet street so even during holiday time, our area is not over run; the grocery and restaurants are busy during the holidays:)

In the boat, there were also documents with information and tips for exploring the area. We felt very comfortable and would definitely come back.